Why choose to allocate budget to PR as opposed or in addition to advertising?

Advertising has become the status quo when attempting to deliver a quick message about a product or service. While advertising should be considered a necessary element in any sound marketing strategy, it simply isn’t enough. Today, consumers are bombarded by hundreds of messages a day through many different mediums, yet very few actually resonate. This oversaturation of constant quips for attention tends to be widely ignored. Billions of dollars are spent for a few moments of consumer time, and yet the results rarely give adequate return on your investment.

PR takes a different approach. Instead of attempting to force messages down the throats of anyone who will listen, PR is about working with a client to seek and discover the stories consumers want to see and hear and then lobbying media outlets to deliver your story. PR and media outlets work hand and hand, because they both have the same goal in common, delivering stories that consumers want to hear. Having a trusted journalist cover your organization is exponentially more effective than any advertisement, because consumers are making an active choice to engage. In addition, the coverage is a third party endorsement of your organization – which lends more credibility than a self-placed advertisement.  The key is to seek out outlets that have similar target audiences as your organization, and then illustrate why your message deserves to be heard. At Coast PR, our story mining skills help to unveil your organizations most newsworthy messages and our reputation has allowed us to build unparalleled relationships with the world’s top media outlets to deliver these stories to the world.

Isn’t organic story generation in the press more effective? I’ve seen more organization’s attempts to make “viral” stories fail, than succeed?

While organic newsworthiness sometimes occurs, in reality there is almost always an entity working behind the scenes to help get a message across.

Coast PR is available to uncover and deliver relevant messages and stories to the media that will enhance your organization’s reputation and create greater awareness of your brand or service.

Many of the viral stories you hear of that fail, are simply advertisements in disguise. At coast PR, we don’t meddle in deception.  We are simply committed to delivering newsworthy and relevant stories that want to be consumed.

What makes Coast PR different?

Reputation, Relationships, Work Ethic, and Experience. These four phrases are the core of our business, because without them we would just be another PR company. At Coast PR, our reputation has allowed us to foster amazing relationships with the media. We have accomplished this by consistently ensuring our requests for coverage are newsworthy and relevant. Through years of experience and determination, our team is able to uncover what deserves to be seen and heard, and then ensure that it is.