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AFYR's National Director, Jeannie Gerzon, featured in eJewish Philanthropy

The Next 20 Years, Israeli Youth and Rabin’s Legacy

By Jeannie Gerzon

Twenty years since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the flame of his memory still burns for many, including former President Bill Clinton – so much so, he made a special trip to Israel to speak at the annual memorial rally. I was among the thousands of Israelis, non-Israelis, Jews and non-Jews, elders and youngsters who attended the rally. In his speech, Clinton remarked that for him the rally commemorated the peace rally 20 years ago, focusing on the need to restart the peace process. I know many others who attended that felt the same way, but to the youth in attendance at the event, it was obvious Rabin’s legacy represents something different. Why is Rabin’s legacy inspiring a new generation of youth 20 years later?