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Carl's Jr's. Mushroom and Swiss All-Natural Burger featured on E! Online

Can You Guess the Identity of the Sexy Star in Carl's Jr.'s Newest Commercial?

by Jenna Mullins Thu., Jul. 23, 2015 12:00 PM PDT 

Kate UptonKim Kardashian. Emily Ratajkowski. These hot ladies are part of an elite group: they have all been the stars of sexy, delicious Carl's Jr. commercials. It's considered a damn privilege to be sloppily eating Carl's Jr. burgers and sandwiches while a camera slowly pans over your half naked body. And now, we've got your exclusive first look at the latest sexy star baring it all for the fast food joint.The company's new ad is for its Mushroom and Swiss All-Natural Burger, featuring hand-picked mushrooms on grass-fed, free-range beef and no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. That's just a bunch of fancy words to say: "no fake stuff here in this juicy burger."So who is the star of the sultry ad? Here's a hint: