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CEO of Fitdog Sports Club, Andrea Servadio, featured in Dogster

7 Tips for Having Safe Outdoor Fun With Your Dog at Night

Nikki Moustaki | Jan 14th 2016

Once the clocks fall forward and the kickoff to winter officially begins, most 9-to-5 jobbers leave for the workplace in the dark and come home after the sun has set. There’s little hope of catching a few rays during the week for outdoor play with your pup. Night isn’t quite the new day, but the moonlight hours aren’t just for quick potty breaks.

Here are some suggestions to make nighttime outdoor play fun and safe.1. Light ’em up

The first rule of nighttime dog activities is safety. LED collars, pendants, and leashes help make you and your dog visible to cars, bicycles, and other people’s dogs who may not play well with others.


4. Exercise

If your dog is your jogging partner, nighttime is the right time to raise both of your heart rates. Andrea Servadio, co-founder of Fitdog Sports Club in Santa Monica, California, said that dogs don’t fare well in the heat, so jogging or running at night in cooler weather provides a good temperature for exercising dogs.

Use reflective gear for both you and your dog. An LED dog collar or leash is also a great option. At night, it’s best to find a safe jogging path rather than running on the side of the road, and opt for light-colored clothing.