California Pizza Kitchen

CPK’s SVP of Marketing & Beverage Ashley Ceraolo shares 10 pizza and wine pairings for National Pizza Month in Marie Claire

10 Pizza and Wine Pairings You Need in Your Life

🍷 + 🍕 = a match made in heaven.

October is National Pizza Month, so naturally I’ll be having a slice pie or five. And what goes better with pizza than wine? Nothing—except, maybe, the right *kind* of wine. We talked to Ashley Ceraolo, SVP of Marketing and Beverage at California Pizza Kitchen, to get the recs.

Sade Adeyina

“Here’s an interesting case where opposite flavors attract for one out-of-this-world pizza and wine pairing flavor experience. Pairing a sweeter white wine like riesling with salty ham or bacon balances the flavor, with sweet complementing salty. Together, the salty/sweet combo creates a very smooth and delicious pairing.”

Try: Wolffer Estate Grapes of Roth Riesling