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DMC Registered Dietician Vanessa Fry Talks Cranberry Health Benefits with PopSugar Fitness

Cranberries Are More Than Just Delicious — They Have Tons of Health Benefits, Too

There's more to cranberries than just being the centerpiece of your holiday desserts! These little red berries are actually packed with so many good things to keep you healthy. Vanessa Fry, a registered dietitian at Detroit Medical Center's Harper Bariatric Medical Institute, shared with us all the ways cranberries can fight off disease and improve your overall health. She explained that most of the time, simply eating the berries whole and fresh is the best way to reap their health benefits, but for some things, you'll find more success with a cranberry capsule.

"Dried or canned cranberries will have the same nutritional benefits as fresh, but check that there are no added sugars. Cranberry juice may contain other fruit juices and have added sugars," Vanessa told POPSUGAR. She also warned against having a few too many cranberries. Cranberries contain oxalate, which, when consumed in large amounts, can potentially form oxalate kidney stones.

"People who have previously experienced kidney stones should speak with their doctor before increasing their cranberry intake," she said. And while the nutrients in cranberries may help prevent or treat the conditions here, you should always talk to your doctor about how you can better manage your health.