California Pizza Kitchen

Examiner enjoys CPK’s delicious new menu in San Diego

California’s Bountiful Harvest (on a Pizza)

When we think of eating healthy, pizza isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but in California it can be and at California Pizza Kitchen it actually is healthy(er). Did you just die and are now suddenly reading the ‘Heavenly Herald’? No, but here's the real “News Flash”, you can have your indulgent pizza and be healthy too. It starts with the ingredients. Last summer the iconic California Pizza Kitchen decided to write a “Next Chapter” and introduced both Lunch and Dinner entrees which include seasonal and rotating specials based on the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Sure, it sounds like every other chain now tailoring to local tastes and farm to table approaches, and it works.

Known best for their innovative signature pizzas, inventors of the Barbeque Chicken Pizza-an instant American classic, at all San Diego locations of California Pizza Kitchen you will now also find a few customary local dishes. Mahi Mahi fish tacos drizzled with a Sriracha ranch drizzle and come loaded with the mandatory California weights and measure of avocado (½ an avocado per taco) served on a “hybrid” (corn and flour) Mazina tortilla with a side of (house made daily) fire-roasted salsa alongside blue and white corn tortilla chips. After tasting the full range of complete dinner options at the Solana Beach California Pizza Kitchen, sampling items from the “Next Chapter” menu the only pizza I sampled was the Wild Mushroom flatbread with shaved Cremini’s, Spinach, Romano and fresh grated Parmesan, the mushrooms may have been in the dirt that morning. A light and crunchy way to get started with some fresh vegetables. Jennifer Feldman, Manager of the Solana Beach location, who has been with California Pizza Kitchen for over a decade (multiple locations) is beaming with pride since the enhancements have been made to the menu and inclusion of flexible tailored fare for the “locals”.