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Treadmill Training, Fitdog Sports Club

Price: Starts at $15Place: Santa Monica, Calif.

If walking on a treadmill can improve muscle strength, help prevent obesity and strengthen your cardiovascular system, why not have it do the same thing for your dog?

Working one-on-one with a handler, pooches at Fitdog Sports Club are trained to run or walk on the treadmill. The class has been growing since it began in September, with about 10 doggy clients so far.

Fitdog co-founder Andrea Servadio says the treadmill workout is a good option for owners short on time to exercise their dogs, for hyperactive dogs that need extra exercise, and for dogs with pent-up energy that can cause behavior problems.

The dog care facility was founded in 2010 by two former investment bankers who traded Wall Street for sunny California but couldn’t find dog care they liked. “We built a day care that our dog would enjoy – so we knew many other dogs would enjoy it as well,” says Servadio.