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Jo Anne Lyon, founder of World Hope International, featured in the Huffington Post

Revamping the world’s education system one toilet at a time

Jo Anne Lyon General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church; Founder, World Hope International,

When I was in the 5th grade, my parents and I moved to western Oklahoma. We lived in a little town of about 50, where children piled into their parents’ cars to be driven 4 miles to the school—a one-room building in the middle of a wheat field—on a dirt road. During the winter, this road became frozen and, in the spring, muddy. Sometimes, it was so muddy that the family car couldn’t make the trip - we had to be dropped off where the blacktop ended and trudge through the mud for the last mile of the journey instead. I still remember the sight of my little sister, who was in the 1st grade at the time, falling out of her oversize rubber boots as they got stuck in the mud. We picked her up and carried her for the final lap of the commute...