California Pizza Kitchen

San Diego Food falls in love with CPK’s Next Chapter dishes

California Pizza Kitchen – Fashion Valley

Ever since my old DSLR (almost 10 years!) decided it was time to retire, I have been on a hunt for a more compact mirrorless camera I can take around whenever we eat out or when we go on vacation. The Sony a6300 had my eye and I was one Amazon click away from it being at my front door. I took a took a complete 180 and eventually settled on the Olympus OM-D E-M5. California Pizza Kitchen was the first outing I got to use my new toy and I hope to learn my way around the new controls and features soon. One things for sure. Carrying around something half the size is something I’m going to enjoy.

We were invited to California Pizza Kitchen once again to try their updated menu. The last time we visited the Solana Beach location they were just rolling out some of the same items and testing out new dishes. On this occasion we would sample a few of the same things we tried before, in addition to some new items.

They brought us out some avocado egg rolls to start. At first I wasn’t all too excited about the whole egg roll idea. Luckily, as soon as that first crunch hit, my brain accepted the notion, and all body parts including my stomach approved what was happening. It’s called a wonton but I think it reminded me of a thinner chimichanga or maybe a large taquito. In any case, the crispy wonton skin provided a nice crunch while the chicken and bacon blended together nicely with the juicy tomatoes and avocado. Side ranch dressing story. I remember one of my college roomates from Korea fell in love with ranch when he first discovered it in the states. He put ranch on everything, including plain pasta. You might think that wouldn’t taste very good. I might agree. But in this case I’m just glad they gave us deep bowls of it. I heart ranch. The ranchito sauce was supposed to be spicier, but I couldn’t really make out the extra spice.