Mega Tiny

Tech startup Mega Tiny featured on CNBC's Power Pitch

A start-up sticking it to the selfie stick

Heather Schnepf | @HeatherSchnepf

Wednesday, 1 Jul 2015 | 10:35 AM ET

One start-up is calling the end of the selfie stick. Mega Tiny Corp. has created a new way to snap selfies—and it's hands-free.

"We're excited to introduce our anti-gravity case—the first and only phone case that uses nanotechnology to stick to smooth, flat surfaces without being sticky," said Carl Winans, co-founder of the company.

Defying gravity

Winans and his team of three describe themselves as "tinkerers at heart." So they decided to tinker with how selfies were taken. They eliminated the selfie stick and came up with a phone case that adheres to smooth surfaces like mirrors, kitchen cabinets, computer monitors, white boards and metal.

The start-up is focused on selling direct to consumers through its website and Amazon.com. It retails for $49.99 and is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5/5S and Galaxy S6 Edge.